Forum rules

Forum rules
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Forum rules

Unread post by ivanovnegro »

We put some basic rules to make life easier for the moderators and admins of this board and to maintain the KISS principle and BBQ philosophy.

We do not support installations in VirtualBox, VMWare, Qemu or others.
We ignore posts about WINE, PlayOnLinux, Steam and Skype.
We do not support btrfs, lvm, UEFI -- if it does not work for you, fuck it and use Siduction. They make a very nice Sid based distribution.
We do not support side-by-side installations with GPT or dualboot with anything newer than Windows XP.

Please, do not ask for 64 bit editions.

Please, introduce yourself before posting, especially requests, otherwise we will ban you and delete your account. A nice screenshot and a hello and we will be happy.

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Re: Forum rules

Unread post by pidsley »

Thank you ivan. If I may abuse my admin powers to add to this locked topic, I will add a little bit more about why we added these rules. It is all about support, not who is or is not welcome here.

Simply put "we build what we use, and support it in the way we use it."

Good support requires duplicating the exact environment the user is asking about, and then trying the solution before offering it to the person asking the question. Anything else is useless guesswork.


Most of us do not use virtual environments; with disk space so cheap now, it is easy to create a 4 or 5 G partition for any new test install. If you require a VM, you will not find useful support here, because we don't use VMs.

Similarly, most of us do not use WINE, PlayOnLinux, Steam, or Skype. If you have problems with these, you will not find good support here.

We test spins on older hardware, with known-good filesystems like ext4. We typically don't use lvm, btrfs, GPT, or UEFI. There are many other distros that do use and support these, and you will find greater happiness using them.

Again, we build what we find useful. We find 64-bit spins do not provide a significant advantage, even when we have hardware that supports it. You may argue with this point, but we are building and you are not. If you absolutely need 64-bit, you will probably be happier with another distro. We do have several 64-bit spins that can be installed and updated, and we can show you how to add whatever window manager you'd like; but please don't ask us to respin an existing 32-bit version just for you. We're already working on something else.

Bottom line -- we are a bunch of experimenters, playing with what we like and what we want to use. If you find what we do useful, please use it. If not, you have many other choices.

This may all sound harsh, but we do welcome new users, and many people are quite happy here.

And to return to my first point, this is all only about what support we provide for the spins we build. You are welcome here even if you never use a bbq spin.