EMACSPEAK 41 FULL (586) Release News

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EMACSPEAK 41 FULL (586) Release News

Unread post by machinebacon » Wed Sep 16, 2015 10:43 am

LinuxBBQ is happy to announce the immediate availability of Emacspeak 41 Full (NiceDog). Designed to be run as a live session, it gives visually impaired and blind users the opportunity to interactively communicate with a computer and the internet. In addition to the normal release of Emacspeak, this release comes with mplayer, alsaplayer, Festival Lite (e/flite), the Emacs24-el sources, lynx, links and some smaller improvements and additions. Like the previous release, it focuses on quick web search and improved Google integration.

The framebuffer is set up for video playback and image viewing (fbv).

Emacspeak is written by TV Raman. Kudos to you, good Sir!

Learn more about the NiceDog release here: http://emacspeak.sourceforge.net/releas ... -41.0.html

After start-up, the user is greeted with the Emacspeak status messages verbally via espeak, and a welcome screen is presented.

The release can be easily installed by visually impaired or blind users, as root, using

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bbqinstall /dev/sdX /dev/sdXY
where sdX is the drive to install to, and sdXY is the partition.
Of course there is also the traditional ncurses-driven "bbqinstaller".

LinuxBBQ has added a number of tools with Emacs integration:
- a working .emacs file with wanderlust, erc, org-mode/agenda, multi-term, EMMS, access to MELPA/Marmalade and more
- an organizer file for time management
- Getting Things Done integration (M-x gtd)
- swr.el for one-click German radio live streams
- power-management in pm.el (M-x reboot/shutdown/suspend)
- automatic mount of all partitions in automount.el (M-x automount)

Visually impaired or blind users can enable network access without ceni:
find your network devices as root using

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ifconfig -a
and edit the file /etc/network/interfaces as root (C-x C-f /sudo::/etc/network/interfaces), in which you add something like

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auto name-of-the-device
iface name-of-the-device inet dhcp
for dynamic configuration of the ethernet card. Bring it up with "ifup name-of-the-device"

The ncurses-driven ceni network configurator is included and can be started as root from a standard TTY shell (Alt-left/right arrow)

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sudo ceni
Download link:
http://sourceforge.net/projects/linuxbb ... o/download

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