Windows 7 + LinuxBBQ dual-boot

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Windows 7 + LinuxBBQ dual-boot

Unread post by Murali_K » Fri Mar 02, 2018 5:47 pm

Hi Guys,

I am a newbie here and have few questions about LinuxBBQ installation.

i am running Win-7 32 bit in my laptop and have 4 partitions as below.

System Reserved NTFS 100 MB
C Drive(Win 7 System)NTFS 75 GB
Unallocated(MBR) 35 GB
D Drive NTFS 356 GB

i used 35 GB unallocated partition to install Ubuntu on it and uninstalled it, as it was not what i was looking. question is...
1.should i create a one more unallocated partition for swap before installing LinaxBBQ?
or do i have to create swap partition during the installation?
2.can someone provide more details on creating partitions while installing LinaxBBQ.

Thanks in Advance.
Murali K
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Reason: It is called LinuxBBQ. Very obvious from the header bar.

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Re: Windows 7 + LinaxBBQ dual-boot

Unread post by ivanovnegro » Fri Mar 02, 2018 10:27 pm

Moved to support.
But I have to say that we do not support dual boot installations. You are on your own unless someone steps in.

Also we like to know new people before they ask questions. So head to the Introduction section.

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Re: Windows 7 + LinuxBBQ dual-boot

Unread post by rust collector » Tue Mar 06, 2018 5:39 pm

I think I would have used the partition you have, and use a swapfile inside that. IIrc, the installer asks if you want one or not.

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Re: Windows 7 + LinuxBBQ dual-boot

Unread post by machinebacon » Sun Mar 11, 2018 6:14 pm

are you really sure you want to install LinuxBBQ and not BBQ Linux? Two different things ;)
Usually, I'd say LinuxBBQ (we, here) are not exactly the Linux distro that attracts people who runs Win7 and tried Ubuntu :D But yeah, the answers:

- there's no need for swap anymore, of course you *can* create a swapfile anytime later
- the creation of partitions is best made using parted on a non-mounted drive (so, from a live session). You'd have something like /dev/sda on which the bootloader resides, /dev/sda1 and /dev/sda2 for your windows, /dev/sda3 from your Ubuntu installation that you can use for distrohopping. The device names I told you are only example,s they might look completely different. The best is that you enter something like

Code: Select all

sudo blkid -o list
in a running Linux session (any will do), and you get an overview of what the Windows partitions are. Maybe that's the first step. I don't want to write too much just to find out in a few weeks that you never got back and tried it ;)

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