AntiX and Siduction repos in present times

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AntiX and Siduction repos in present times

Unread post by catfood » Thu Jul 23, 2020 3:04 pm

So I was trying to get apt-listbugs and apt-listchanges as Ivanovnegro suggested for my bbq.

Couldn't download packages because AntiX keys were expired, and siduction mirrors timed out.

I found new antix keys:
but, I feel dumb because I couldn't gpg verify them. This is the 3rd or 4th time I can't figure out how to verify keys right. Debian, Whonix, antix. Somehow even reading instructions present at any given site, I still don't seem to get it? It's usually 4-5 simple steps, I follow them, then somehow doesn't work in one way or another.
I've tried reading through a lot of the documentation at ,but it seems to go way over my head and I get dizzy with too much info rather than the simple "here's how to get the right keys and verify your downloads" part I do keep end up needing. I know I've done it right once or twice in the past, like back when i started with linux on mint/ubuntu, but don't know how or why it just worked with the instructions then, but i keep screwing it up somehow now? I just like trustworthy downloads, I'm far from needing my own keys or anything more yet.

If there is a good "gpg keys for idiots" guide that anyone knows of off hand, I'd really appreciate it at this point. I don't want you to waste time hand-holding, but if you know where the cliff notes for gpg are, I'd like to read them!

I read on that their repos will just sometimes be down, and they don't care, "use a mirror". Fine by me, lol.
I've tried a few university mirrors from there, and temp #hashed out their main ones in sources.list, but I still seem to get 404 not found errors on updates, or trying to install any new packages. So, no idea here...

I'm curious for anyone still frequently using a bbq spin what they've done to update these repos safely.
My instinct was to just temp disable antix and siduction and let sid do the work, but I don't know how much bbq base was built on the other repos and how much more I would eventually break worse with that approach, lol.
Anyone already CORRECTLY dealt with these issues that has a better answer? Much appreciated.
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Re: AntiX and Siduction repos in present times

Unread post by ivanovnegro » Fri Jul 24, 2020 1:55 pm

Do you really need anything from those repos? On my (vanilla) sid installs I only used Siduction repos and later not even those. They are not really needed anyway.
So I would deactivate them first and then try to update, dist-upgrade the system.

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