live-boot #773881 [live sessions only!]

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live-boot #773881 [live sessions only!]

Unread post by machinebacon » Tue Feb 03, 2015 2:35 pm

This is not a problem for a normal, installed system. Only those who want to roast their own (no matter if the BBQ way with bbqsnapshot or using Debian Live) will run into problems (actually two of them) with all kernels newer than 3.18

The live-boot does not use the newly implemented overlay filesystem of the kernel. In practice, this means that your live session will drop into a rescue shell. Manual fingering there doesn't lead anywhere. This shit is neither fixed in unstable (4.0.6) nor in experimental (v 5.x of live-boot). Again: if you have an installed system, ignore this bug and related bugs of live-boot*, live-config*, etc. ... bug=773881

If you still want to roast your own, there's only one way: use a kernel older than 3.18 (siduction's 3.17, for example, or the vanilla Debian kernel at 3.16) -- do not install the meta-packages linux-image-586/686 or similar.

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