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Release Announcement: LinuxBBQ "Cream" 2014-06-08
LinuxBBQ is proud to announce the immediate availability of "Cream", an installable live session that features no less than 76 Window Managers, untouched and vanilla from the developers' sources.

"Cream" is an easy and quick way to test Window Managers

Even those "obscure" ones that have never been featured in other Linux distributions before.

We made sure to create a uniform look and feel, while staying on the light side in resource usage. "Cream" runs smoothly on any IBM-compatible PC with at least 256MB of RAM.

The live ISO weighs in at 501MB, so it can be put on a small USB stick or on CD.

As an extra, there are framebuffer, tmux and TTY sessions included, as well as the "Enlightenment" desktop environment.

The username and password for the live session is "bbq".

Cream is made by our team member pidsley and features contributions from the whole BBQ team.

Some screenshots of Cream can be seen in the LinuxBBQ Cream Gallery (thanks to Bones for the scrots!)

Download link: Sourceforge Mirrors

See all of the window managers in the LinuxBBQ Forums Screenshot section

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